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Personal Computers are at the core of BnyIT business mission. We are committed to helping our customers get the kinds of practical value, convenience and enjoyment they are looking for from their computer systems, while avoiding as much of the pain as possible.

Computer Selection, Installation and Setup
So many choices, so little time… BnyIT can help you determine the best type of computer to fit your needs and budget, and provide the best sources for acquiring it. BnyIT can even procure or build the system for you if appropriate. When the system is ready, BnyIT can install and configure the computer, and connect it to your network and/or Internet access.

Best Computer repair

Computer Troubleshooting
Computers are complex and when things go wrong they can become beasts. BnyIT's experienced technicians are adept at quickly figuring out computer problems, and in many cases fixing them right on the spot. In cases where hardware has broken down, BnyIT can determine your best options for getting the system back up and running, and provide replacement parts. In the process of troubleshooting, it can also make sense to upgrade at the same time, to improve performance, storage capacity or functionality.

Hardware Installations & Upgrades
Hardware installations can be intimidating even for people who are computer-savvy. Whether you're adding a scanner, a bigger disk drive, more memory, or any number of other hardware upgrades or replacements, BnyIT can help. We can provide the best recommendations for achieving your goals, the best brands and most cost-effective sources from which to obtain parts. BnyIT can also provide parts directly, and install them for you, while guaranteeing that things will work when it's all put back together. With BnyIT, you'll always get "plug and play" rather than "plug and pray"!

Software Installations/Upgrades
Unfortunately, just like with hardware, software installation can be perilous and is often tedious, such as when upgrading your computer operating system. BnyIT will make any software installation or upgrade painless for you by making sure things are set up right. Our technicians know where all the updated drivers are, and they know the things that software manufacturers don't tell you in the manuals, such as how different software packages and options affect each other, degrade performance, etc.

Internet Solutions
BnyIT will ensure you get the value you're looking for from your Internet service provider, and that they are properly integrated into your network. We work with all the local providers and will find you the best high-speed solution at the best price.

The Internet provides a powerful (and dizzying) array of opportunities for the user. What level of access do you need, and what is the most effective and economical way to set up your home or business? BnyIT can help make sure you get the value you're looking for from your Internet services, and that they are properly integrated into your network.

BnyIT Internet services:

Internet and Email Access - Selection, Installation, and Setup
There are more options and details involved in setting up your Internet accounts than you might want to deal with. But if you don't look at the fine print, you will probably end up paying way more than you should for less service. Answer? Let BnyIT help you find the service vendor and options that suit you and your home or business. If you like, BnyIT will handle the whole process, including installation and setup.

Internet Connection Sharing
If you have multiple computers, you can network them together to provide everyone with fast Internet service from a single connection. Not only does this save a lot of money over setting everyone up separately, but the convenience and flexibility is terrific! BnyIT can set you up painlessly to enjoy "always on" web and email access - you'll never go back once you experience it.

Web Site Design
Many families and businesses would like to have their own web sites, for more reasons than we could mention. BnyIT offers a variety of web site options, and can help you get started in building a site, from acquiring personal domain names to planning, designing, and posting your data. We work with a variety of Internet service providers (ISPs) and will recommend the best fit for your needs. If you just want a simple presence or have a significant project, contact BnyIT to find out how we can help you turn your vision into reality.

Web Services and Applications
From digital photo posting to web communities to online auctions, the web offers an amazing set of highly useful services. BnyIT can turn you on to some of the best opportunities for using web services to your advantage - and many of them are free. We will also steer you clear of the worthless ones…

Data Recovery
If you are like most people, there is critical data you wouldn't want to lose when a hard drive fails or a virus deletes your files. BnyIT will help you develop a backup plan to ensure you're protected where you need it the most.

BnyIT can help you figure out a convenient and effective way to protect your data by making redundant copies of it either on other computers or on offline media such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or tape.

In many cases automated processes can be created that require very little attention or maintenance.

BnyIT Data Recovery services:

Data Backup Solutions
In today's world, it takes more than an occasional file copy to floppy disk to handle your backup needs. Floppy disks just don't cut it for backing up your data. BnyIT can assess your backup needs based on the types of files you create, and put together a solution that fits.

Multi-PC Data Backups
You can introduce a lot of additional data protection simply by copying data between multiple computers on the same network. This process can be automated, so that computers "synchronize" with each other periodically. BnyIT can set this up for you as part of a comprehensive scheme for protecting your systems against loss of valuable/irreplaceable data such as financial records, family digital photos, etc.

Data Transfer
Sometimes you need to move data from one computer to another. In the case of moving all your email data, web favorites, application data, etc. it may not be clear (or easy) to recreate the same data on the destination computer. BnyIT can do this for you.

Data Recovery
If the unthinkable occurs, there may be a way out. In the case of hard drive failure, for example, it is often possible to recover lost data using highly technical tools. BnyIT can quickly help you determine what your options are, and in many cases recover at least some of your data. Of course, if you contact us now, we can help you to set up a robust data backup scheme, and you most likely won't ever need this service!

Home and Small Business Networks
The phenomenal increase in home & office networks can be attributed to the lower costs of network hardware and software, improvement in network performance and reliability, and the compelling benefits networks provide. And these days, installing a network is easier and more cost-effective than ever with the wide availability of wireless networking.

BnyIT's networking services:

Network Selection, Installation and Setup
If you have more than one computer and more than one user, odds are you would benefit quite a bit from installing a network in your home or office. BnyIT's experienced technicians can help you navigate through the many choices involved, help you obtain and install the pieces, and configure it all so it works the way you need it to. Current computers, printers, and other peripherals can usually be integrated, allowing you to leverage your previous hardware investments in new ways.

Network Troubleshooting
As wonderful as they are, networks can be as mystifying as computers when things go wrong. Fortunately, BnyIT's technicians are network experts who can help you keep your network resources up and running and properly "talking to each other." Troubleshooting is one of the most important things we do to help our customers.

File, Printer, and Fax Sharing
Files, printers, and fax should be shared, not duplicated. Networks tie all of these resources together for convenience, value, and flexibility. BnyIT can help you get more leverage from your existing investments by making any sharable resource available to any trusted computer to take advantage of shared data and devices.

Training and Education
BnyIT will personally tutor you in the relaxed setting of your home or office. Get personal, one-on-one attention that makes it possible to learn things much faster compared to traditional classroom situations.

We tailor the instruction to your specific needs, so you don't waste time learning something you already know. Because of this, tutoring can be much less expensive than going back to school ... and much more rewarding!

Training Services:

Internet & Email

Microsoft Office

Financial management software

Contact managers

Web site creation/management

Digital photo apps

Digital music apps

Desktop publishing

Communications software

Design apps

Privacy and Security
BnyIT will perform a security assessment of your current network, computer applications, settings, and habits, and recommend ways to keep private data private, while still getting the benefits of networking and internet access.

Are you aware of all the different ways that private and potentially sensitive data (such as email, credit card numbers, family data, etc.) can be seen by other people you don't know or trust? BnyIT can do a security assessment of your current network, computer applications, settings, and habits, and recommend ways to keep private data private, while still getting the benefits of networking and internet access. As part of our standard services, we can set up a firewall to protect your network against outside intruders.

BnyIT Privacy/Security services:

Privacy/Security assessment

Firewall installation and configuration

Operating system and application configuration/settings

Establishing "best practices" for avoiding exposure of private data

Remote security testing of your network's integrity

Virus Protection
BnyIT is very happy to provide our customers with Norton virus detection and removal software from Symantec, and help make sure your system is secure from common threats.

What do all these hackers do for a living? Contrary to popular suspicions, they don't work for the companies that provide anti-virus software… In fact, BnyIT is very happy to provide our customers with Norton virus detection and removal software from Symantec, and help make sure your system is secure from these common threats. In the event that a virus is successful in scrambling your system, BnyIT is there to help you recover, and prevent future attacks.

BnyIT Virus Protection services:

Virus protection assessment

Anti Virus software and updates

Virus detection and removal

Operating system and application configuration/settings

Establishing "best practices" for avoiding exposure to viruses

Below is a list of common mistakes people make with laptops, please take the time to read them and familiarize yourself with them. They will save you money in the life of your laptop.



Always keep Laptops off floor
While on the floor laptops are easily stepped on, pets tend to use them for toys and small children will play with them.

Always use a surge protector
A power surge can happen at anytime, anywhere and ultimately destroy your laptop.

Don't keep paper work in between screen and keypad.
Paper can scratch the screen leaving a costly bill to have it replaced.

Never leave your laptop in a cold environment.
When you bring your laptop into a warm place condensation will form and may cause electrical shocks throughout your laptop. Also if you turn it on while it's still cold this can lead to overloading.

Don't place your laptop on soft surfaces.
This will block off air vents and overheat your laptop.

Don't drop it while your carrying it.
A good leather case with separate compartments is the safest way to carry your laptop. Make sure the case has separate compartments for add-ons this will avoid scratches over your laptop.

Never drink coffee or any liquid around your laptop.
It has been proven that laptops don't like liquids .

Lastly never try to fix your laptop yourself
Laptops have many small parts that can easily be broken, misplaced and shocked. Leave it to the professionals, leave it to Laptop Repairs!


PC Repair Tip

(1)Always defragment and repair hard drives on a regular basis, at least biweekly (two times a month).

(2) Backup the registry and run a good registry cleaner to get rid of the unneeded registry files and repair broken shortcuts that can lead to sluggish PC behavior to the Black Screen of Death, i.e. freezing.

(3) Use a temporary file cleaner that gets rid of temp files and internet clutter on a regular, basis, after especially after heavy internet use. Clean temps at least once a week.

(4) Backup important files .

(5) Keep Boot CD for emergency boots.

(6) Get rid of files and programs no longer needed . Burn audio and video files to CD or DVD.

(7) Repair damaged files from viruses immediately.

PC Security Tips

(1) Regularly update antivirus programs . Set the antivirus program to regularly check for updates or manually check when first logged on to the internet.

(2) Run updated antivirus programs and repair damaged files regularly , at least once a week.

(3) Use adware/spyware removal /repair programs to keep privacy and to keep your CPU and hard drive clean of these wasteful tracking programs that utilize PC resources.

(4) Use a firewall to keep out hackers and vicious programs!

(5) Securely wipe the free space and personal data , before a computer is sold, in order to permanently delete bank and private information.

(6) Scan files downloaded from the internet with an up-to-date antivirus program to ensure that the file is "clean".

(7) Do not open e-mail attachments from those you do not know. The best way to avoid virus PC repairs.

(8) Do not allow internet sites to automatically download software from popup windows that says "you will need" it.

(9) Back up your entire drive regularly. This allows for even the worst catastrophies to be restored.

These tips will ensure users a good boot process for PCs while avoiding computer repairs

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