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Nowadays with just about every
home and business in New York
having at least one or more PC's,
the need for qualified computer
repair technicians has skyrocketed.
In response to this need, there
has been a virtual "explosion" onto
the scene, of computer "fixit" guys -
some more qualified, conscientious
and experienced than others.


Because most New York users
depend on their PC's for a wide
variety of purposes - at home
and at work and use them on
a daily basis, it is critical that their computers function adequately
and reliably and that their
confidential and valuable, personal
and business data remain safe,
secure, and accessible.

If you should be unfortunate
enough to experience problems
with your computer, you would,
no doubt, like to entrust it to
a qualified, conscientious
professional, who you know
will give you and your computer
the care and attention you both
deserve. But how can you
determine who is qualified and
who is not in New York? Here's a
little list of things to check for when
seeking a PC computer sales or
repair person whether you
are in Brooklyn, Manhattan,
Queens, Bronx, Staten Island
or Long Island area.

Ask about their certifications
of training and experience in
New York and abroad.
Microsoft certified technicians
are your best bet. As a Microsoft
certified in New York, I can tell
you that our stuff went through
months of exhaustive training.
And as a Microsoft certified
technician I am accountable
to Microsoft New York and
Microsoft worldwide for each
and every PC repair we undertake.

Check the PC technicians
references and make sure that
past clients were satisfied with
the sales, service and or repair.



Dear BnyIT!
Dave and I are thrilled with the
results of your repair of our
computer. You did a fantastic job.
It is running faster and better
than ever. We appreciate the time
and effort you took to meet all of our
needs. Even though we are not
expert with our computer we do
find it vastly helpful in our daily lives. Thanks again. Pat and Dave K.

BnyIT! Thanks very much for the excellent repair on my old P3. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends if they need any repairs. You're a life saver..... Carl

BnyIT is truly wonderful. My computer crashed in the middle of a major presentation and I was on the verge of losing several months of stored files. BnyIT saved the day! He was polite and extremely professional as well as cost efficient. For any and all computer problems, BnyIT is your man!


BnyIT Data Recovery services:

Data Backup Solutions
In today's world, it takes more than an occasional file copy to floppy disk to handle your backup needs. Floppy disks just don't cut it for backing up your data. BnyIT can assess your backup needs based on the types of files you create, and put together a solution that fits.

Multi-PC Data Backups
You can introduce a lot of additional data protection simply by copying data between multiple computers on the same network. This process can be automated, so that computers "synchronize" with each other periodically. BnyIT can set this up for you as part of a comprehensive scheme for protecting your systems against loss of valuable/irreplaceable data such as financial records, family digital photos, etc.

Data Transfer
Sometimes you need to move data from one computer to another. In the case of moving all your email data, web favorites, application data, etc. it may not be clear (or easy) to recreate the same data on the destination computer. BnyIT can do this for you.

Data Recovery
If the unthinkable occurs, there may be a way out. In the case of hard drive failure, for example, it is often possible to recover lost data using highly technical tools. BnyIT can quickly help you determine what your options are, and in many cases recover at least some of your data. Of course, if you contact us now, we can help you to set up a robust data backup scheme, and you most likely won't ever need this service!


New York Computer Repair NYC Laptop Repair Networking Queens Brooklyn BronxAbout us... BnyIT is an information technology company providing repair service and support in Brooklyn,Manhattan,Queens and Staten Island area. Whether you need :
computer repair in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island,New York areas,virus and spyware removal,upgrades, network installation & administration, web design, hardware & software consulting, or training - we will go on-site to bring the solution to you. BnyIT is dedicated to offer the most friendly, reliable and honest service and support available anywhere to our customers.

Our technicians come to you, on your schedule, prepared to diagnose and repair any problem. We get to work so that you can get back to work! From simple upgrades to complex network installations, BnyIT is here to provide you with the best of today's technology coupled with an old-fashioned commitment to customer satisfaction.

We work hard to earn your trust and confidence. Our philosophy is "The job is not done until the customer is completely satisfied." With years of experience and training, we stand ready to make your computer needs a reality. Our technicians provide you with the most comprehensive on-site PC Repair and Service.
BnyIT also offer Network Installation, Web Design, and many more services.

We believe that being fair and honest is the right way to do business and promote long-term business relationships with our customers.

We look forward to serve you.

Computer repair New York

Home and Small Business Networks

The phenomenal increase in home & office networks can be attributed to the lower costs of network hardware and software, improvement in network performance and reliability, and the compelling benefits networks provide. And these days, installing a network is easier and more cost-effective than ever with the wide availability of wireless networking.


Application Services

BnyIT can often provide help in finding the right application for you, either from our direct experience with many applications, or we can help you research and evaluate a specialized application based on criteria that you provide.



Privacy and Security

BnyIT will perform a security assessment of your current network, computer applications, settings, and habits, and recommend ways to keep private data private, while still getting the benefits of networking and internet access.


Virus Protection

BnyIT is very happy to provide our customers with Norton virus detection and removal software from Symantec, and help make sure your system is secure from common threats.

Price Cut Computer Repair Service & Networking Service Packages for Pc repair in NewYork,laptop fix in LongIsland ,laptop fix in Brooklyn, Manhattan,Bronx,Brooklyn,Queens Small Businesses/Stores/Residents.
Cost Effective Computer/Laptop/PC Repair & Networking Service Packages For Small Businesses.


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BnyIT helps you get the most out of your technology investments with our on-call, expert computer services team. We specialize in computer, network, and web design services for your home or business.
We honor each and every customer relationship by providing a free consultation to analyze and discuss your computer issues or web design needs. By taking the time to understand the unique challenges being faced by our clients, we develop solutions that are truly customized, even if that means we have to work a little harder!

BnyIT can perform any of the hardware and software tasks that you require, typically at a lower cost than the area computer chain-stores can offer. Additionally, our technicians will come to you! No need to crawl under your desk, disconnect your computer and hassle with all those cords. No need to drive down to the computer store only to find out you will be without your computer for a few days.

PSP repair New York City
PSP repair $85.00
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